For a long time, the energy has been a fundamental aspect of the industrial sector, with significant specific gravity (due to the intensive use of fixed capital), but without autonomy, because of the huge regulatory constraints.

In modern conjuncture, the market opening, particularly in the electricity field, and structural changes in production and use of all forms energy material and products due to the substantial environmental footprint involved, have created a completely a different frame, so new, that perhaps it is premature such assessment attempt.

However, the economic sector that spreads out is preferential. In a research of Direction Business Reports, it has been identified that from 30 largest companies based on turnover from 2013, the top three companies are the forefront of the industry (HEL.PE., Motor Oil and PPC). The functional size of the energy sector is so wide and unique, in itself may restart the entire economic architectural project, and mobilizes the triangle of raw materials – fixed investments – human capital on high large scales. Finally, the energy will be dominant area of innovated applications, as well as the size, the needs (environment and searchable scale economies) and the provided technology, are combined and aligned in absolute degree.