Non-profit organizations

The international mainstream for targeted and systematic horizontal setback of state intervention, in conjunction with the radical practice of certain independent parties on broader issues (Green Peace, Amnesty International, Medicines Sans Frontiers, etc.) grew up an entire service sector, which today has become autonomous and occupies its own special place in the standard display of National Economy physiognomy.

Α non-profit organization, operates now with criteria of private sector and produces a specific product, absolutely tradable and with given demand. The capital of supply, conducted mainly by the surpluses of ancillary industrial and other business players who either promote their business plans, with the parallel support of good corporate practices and other public welfare objectives, or decide for tax reasons to inject funds for humanitarian and similar activities with “direct award” not trusting the government’s involvement brought on by fiscal redistribution. On the other side, the state benefits as releasing resources for qualified and targeted social task (based on management control of providers).

The fifth sector of economy [after the primary (raw materials and agriculture), the secondary (industry – processing), the tertiary (services) and the quaternary (technologies – innovation)], is perhaps the most dynamic and growing segment of the financial structure, as possesses the special privileges of direct social promotion and relatively easy-affirmation, in relation to the spent (human) capital required.