Our People

Our people at Nepa Economic Consulting, executives of all levels, are our most important competitive advantage. Their expertise and high level of education and training guarantee our company’s great future and our vision of being the strategic financial advisor of each entrepreneur is realized.

Our biggest investment concerns the progressive advance of our Human Resources’ expertise, with continuous training on the changes that each business sector faces and further development of their skills, thus meeting the distinct needs of each of our clients.

We aim to contribute to the improvement of the daily life of our people both on a professional and personal level, so that innovative ideas are always promoted to all our partner-clients through us and through our practices.

Our people at Nepa Economic Consulting have the everyday opportunity to fulfill their personal goals, while together we pursue and deliver added value to our clients’ evolutionary perspective.

Constantinos Patiris Founder & CEO
Christos Zigos Payroll Director
Giorgos Katsiaras Assistant Accountant
Konstantinos Tatavelis Finance Director


Stavros Charokopos Accounting Manager
Pinelopi Simou Business Developing
Anastasios Dromousis Commercial Manager
Nafsika Limnaiou HR Manager
Ioanna Kuriakopoulou Payroll Accountant
Δέσποινα Κουζιώκα Senior Accountant (Volos,Greece)
Christina Chatzideliou Accountant
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