Public Sector

The value of the public sector to a country’s economy has a far-reaching and multifaceted influence on economic developments.

The changing regulatory environment, the increasing opportunities for cooperation with private sector companies, the need to adapt services to the requirements of new, more flexible and direct technologies, and the sharp fluctuations in the economic growth of different countries with the pressure to reduce expenditure budgets, have as a result for public bodies the need to find creative and alternative ways of solving the current issues, in order to deal effectively and developmentally with the new challenges of our time and to proceed with the implementation of their goals.

Nepa Economic Consulting provides high-level consulting and accounting services to Companies of the public sector in general, Legal Entities (private and public law), Local Authorities (local governments) and Utilities, always protecting them in transparency and accountability requirements, meeting their organizational and operational needs so as  to achieve the maximum possible development result.

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