The logistics sector contributes about 10% to the Greek GDP and the Gross Value Added (GVA) reaches 11 billion.

During the last five years, there has been a decline in road and rail transport and a significant increase in maritime transport, while Greek ports show significant potential to be transformed into international logistics hubs (gateway ports).

The 3PL sector is characterised by significant growth margins, although it has been particularly affected by the ever increasing cost of fuel and tolls, which negatively affects profitability margins, as well as liquidity problems due to delayed collections from their clientele. It is expected that in the very near future major investments will be made in the development of storage and distribution facilities.

Adapting to new conditions and international requirements, the logistics sector is adopting increasingly environmentally friendly operations and processes in all the sectors it encompasses.

The highest concentration of warehouses in Greece is located in Attica (mainly in the wider area of the Thriassios field), where most of our partners dong business in the 3PL sector are based.


3PL logistics warehouses (3rd party logistics / logistics and supply chain management), 4PL (fourth party logistics), freight ports, leading customs clearance companies, shipping and transport companies throughout Greece, make up our portfolio of partnerships. The experience and specialized knowledge of our consultants are a guarantee to address and overcome the significant obstacles to the development of the sector, mainly related to the inability to find a combination of economic and environmentally friendly solutions, as well as the lack of incentives and financial tools for the use of alternative fuel transportation means.

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