The products and services of the companies operating in the HORECA sector cover everything related to the construction, equipment and catering of hotels, tourist accommodation in general, as well as all mass catering and cafeteria facilities.

The HORECA sector holds numerous investment options in our country’s tourism industry and remains one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy, despite being one of the first to be hit hardest in any economic imbalance we are experiencing due to domestic or foreign factors.

According to studies for 2021, the hospitality and catering sector contributes a collective Value Added of 9.8 billion euros, which corresponds to more than 5.5% of the country’s GDP, generating many direct jobs and increased revenues to the state through their taxation and payroll contributions. During the multi-year economic crisis, the HORECA sector has decisively supported the Greek economy and employment.

In the catering and hospitality sector there is also an increased demand for specialised services in payroll and labour matters.

Nepa Economic Consulting’s Payroll Department is staffed by qualified and experienced Consultants who have been supporting HORECA sector companies for almost two decades with full efficiency. We guarantee timely and accurate information to business owners about every change that so often uprises during the last years in this industry, as well as the appropriate consulting to ensure that businesses & employees operate legally.

Some of the most dynamic brands in the supply of catering raw materials that stand out for the quality of their products, well-known stores in the field of catering and entertainment sector are our partners and rely on the experience and consulting of our economists, which guaranteed their prosperity or growth even during the period of the covid-19 pandemic.

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