Mergers & Acquisitions

The acquisition of a company or the merger of several companies into a new corporate structure requires a systematic approach to a number of financial and legal issues. A merger or acquisition is characterized by complexity and requires an experienced financial team to complete the project successfully.

The two forms of corporate transformation differ in terms of the end result, as in a merger, two or more separate companies are combined to form a single company, while in an acquisition one company buys some or all of another’s assets (e.g. equipment, facilities, receivables or inventory) or some or all of the shares of the selling company.

In both cases, our financial advisors, carrying many years of experience in due diligence of small and medium-sized as well as large companies, examine a series of financial figures such as:

  • annual financial statements
  • profit / loss statements of recent years
  • tax declarations
  • loan agreements
  • asset lists
  • labor relations and special obligations of employees
  • intellectual and industrial property rights
  • insurance cover
  • environmental permits, etc,

so that they can give a comprehensive picture of the overall situation and the prospects, positive or negative, of a corporate merger or acquisition.

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