Greece is among the strongest and most important maritime states in the world, having a central geographical position and with approximately 90% of the total percentage of its perimeter being coastlines. These coastlines are key pillars of our national economy, through the well-known Environmental Economy

There are 22 organized marinas operating in Greece owing approximately 8,500 berths, providing high-level services and safe berthing, many of which have been awarded the “Blue Flags of Europe” programme.

The added value of marinas to the economy, the environment and society of our country can be summarised as follows:

  • creation of thousands of jobs both for the services of each marina and for the crews of the docked yachts,
  • consumption of goods and services, a large part of which comes from foreign yachts,
  • a significant increase in the collection of public revenue, through the high rentals paid to the State by marinas, as well as from all the taxes paid by businesses operating inside and outside marinas and various other charges levied on pleasure craft
  • upgrading of the seafront with the construction of modern port facilities under environmental conditions,
  • contributing to local communities through responsible and quality management of the marina, and cultural and sporting activities in the marina.

Investment and business interest in the development of marinas in Greece is constantly growing.


Nevertheless, the legal framework governing the creation and operation of tourist port facilities and marinas is very specific, specialised and changing.

Commercial and Passenger Ports, Luxury Yacht and Yacht Berthing Marinas, S.C.R.C. companies (Leisure Yachting Companies) and companies operating in the wider shipping sector are part of our partnerships, as our Consultant’s many years of experience in this sector guarantees their lawful operation and immediate response to all opportunities for their further development.

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